Coffee & Beverage Products 

1.What is the shelf life of coffee?
  All Foil packaged coffee has a shelf life of 1 year from production.  
            Grand Cru 2kgs tin has 18 months shelf life.
            Coffee & Tea capsules has 24 months shelf life. 

2.Where should I store my coffee?
            Coffee should be stored in a dark, cool & airtight container to maintain aroma and freshness and to prevent drying out.

3.How do I know which blend is suited for Espresso or a milk based drink?
Refer to the description of the coffee blends as it will inform you of the strength and style of coffee so you can determine for yourself your preference of blend of coffee. 

4.Does Boncafe Coffee (Beans & Ground) come in any other size than 500gms?
Only the Deacaffeinated Beans in 250gms & Grand Cru in 2kgs tins. 

5.Can I use the Grand Cru with any grinder?
Yes, with use of the correct adaptor as compatible for manual or automatic grinders listed in Grande Cru Adaptor view it HERE 
6.Can the Cremesso coffee & tea capsules be recycled?
Yes. The capsules are made from polypropylene and can safely be disposed of with normal household waste too.  

7.Are Cremesso capsules suited to my capsule machine at home?
No. Cremesso capsules are only compatible with the Cremesso capsule machine range View Here




8.How often should I clean my machine & what can I use?
You should clean your machine daily especially taking care to remove any milk residue. Visit the Boncafetto cleaning range to see which item suits your machine. view HERE

9.What if the steam wand gets blocked?
You should make sure you wipe the steam wand with a clean damp cloth after each use. If it is blocked try soaking it with Boncafetto MFC.  

10.What if I have a technical problem with my machine after first using it? Who do I contact?
Refer to your operations manual first to see if you can resolve the problem or you can contact our service department on +971 4 286 1757 for advice and assistance. 

11.What if I find there are missing parts to my machine on opening my purchase?
Contact our customer service team as soon as you have received the item on +971 4 282 8742. 

12.How can I obtain a detailed specification sheet of an item?
You can visit our company website at www.boncafeme.ae and download it from there or You can send us an e mail to info.bme@boncafeme.ae  with the item you required. 

13. Do you provide a warranty when I purchase a machine?
All machines are sold with a 1 Year standard manufacturer’s warranty. 


Payment & Customer Service 

1.If I selected Cash payment as my option on booking can I change that and pay with a credit card on delivery instead?
Yes you can. We will accept cash or credit card on delivery. 

2.Can I use a different currency to pay for my order?
If you have chosen to pay Cash or Credit Card on delivery payment is required in AED only. Any payments processed through Paypal will be in USD. 

3.Do I need to be at the delivery address in person to receive my order?
No. As long as you have paid through Paypal or will be paying by Cash on delivery you do not have to be there in person however, any returned order to the warehouse will be subject to a AED 30 charge for redelivery. 

4.If I make 2 separate bookings on separate days can you deliver on the same day? 

            Depending on how far apart your bookings were made but we will try to coordinate for a same day delivery. 

5.How long does delivery take and how will I know when delivery will be made? 

            Delivery will be between 3 â€“ 5 days although we may be able to deliver sooner. A customer care agent will call you once your order has been processed to arrange delivery with you. 

6.Do you ship outside the UAE?
            For any enquires or orders outside the UAE please contact us directly on +971 4 2828742 or Email us at info.bme@boncafeme.ae 

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